Got this, my sister was a little too excited to help me out! Works great. I do wish the light was a little brighter. We were both very pleased with it’s performance though and she has now purchased the same one for her family.

The most convenient & efficient wireless otoscope ear cleaner device which can be used by the whole family


Ear Wax Remover with Camera Otoscope


(12 customer reviews)



The innovative wireless ear cleaner with camera allows you to clearly observe the inside of ear canal and ear-pick position to avoid blind movement.

Accurately and safely remove ear-wax and effectively protect the ear skin and ear drums.

Super high quality 1080P camera

Easy to use and connect to your device

Medical grade material

USB Rechargeable

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USB Rechargeable

The ear wax remover endoscope has a built-in 130mAh rechargeable battery, which can work continuously for about 30 minutes or 20 days of standby time, and only needs 0.5 hours of charging time

IP67 Waterproof Design

This ear cleaner has an Ip67 waterproof design, which only need to clean the lamp bead part with water or wipe with alcohol.

Easy to Use & Convenient

The earwax removal tools only needs to download the “Be bird” APP, press for 3 seconds to start the device and connect to the wifi of the headset, you can use this ear scope camera with one button. There is a step-by-step operation tutorial for the first use. Don’t need to worry about not using this ear camera. You can take this 5.7-inch ear cleaner with you and check your health at any time.

6 LED Lights & 360°Wide Angle

Our wireless earwax removal tool otoscope is equipped with 6 LED lights that can illuminate the ear examination area and capture more realistic images or recorded wonderful videos. In addition, the ear cleaning camera uses three-axis gyroscope technology, even when rotating , 360°wide-angle can also provide stable and smooth image transmission, which makes this ear wax removal kit easier to help you check for internal ear infections or safely remove ear wax.

Widely Compatible

This otoscope earwax removal camera can provide high-quality 1080P FHD (3.0MP lens) full HD video images, with a 4.5 mm diameter lens, suitable for various sizes of ear canals. In addition, medical bio-grade PC material ear spoons are soft and safe, which can meet the needs of different people to check your ears, mouth, nose, teeth, throat, skin and other body parts.

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The Ear Scope Camera | Earwax Remover

Can this earwax removal tool take pictures? Is the picture quality clear enough?

Yes, you can use this earwax removal tool to take pictures of the internal conditions of your ears, and you can compare before and after cleaning by taking pictures to get a more obvious effect. Whether to use the shooting function can be decided according to your own usage.

Can I check my mouth with an smart visual ear cleaning stick? I think it will be useful.
Yes. This smart visual ear cleaning stick is very versatile. Our smart visual ear cleaning stick can not only check and clean the ears, but also check the mouth, nose, skin and other parts.
Can this ear endoscope wax removal be connected to an Android phone?
Our ear endoscope wax removal has a wide range of compatibility and can be connected to Android phones
Will the lens of this wireless ear camera otoscope scratch my ears?

Our wireless ear camera otoscope will not scratch your ear canal at all. The ear spoons of the wireless ear camera otoscope is made of medical biological grade PC material, which can effectively protect your ear canal and is soft and safe. The use process is very comfortable and there will be no other discomfort.

Are the images obtained from the smart visual ear cleaning stick APP realistic?
You can get more realistic images or record wonderful videos through the smart visual ear cleaning stick APP. In addition, the ear cleaning camera uses three-axis gyroscope technology, which can provide 360° wide-angle image transmission even when rotating, so that the image transmission is stable and smooth, which makes this earwax removal kit easier to help you check for internal ear infections Or safely remove earwax
Can I see the deeper position of the ear canal when using a wireless ear camera otoscope?
This wireless ear camera otoscope can penetrate deeper into your ear canal and clean up more effectively. After connecting the wireless ear camera otoscope to the mobile phone, you can clearly see the internal structure of the ear and the position of the earwax on the mobile phone, so you can operate according to the clear picture, the operation process is simple and safe

12 reviews for Ear Wax Removal Cleaner | Video Otoscope

  1. Karl

    I only used the camera portion of the tool and I will not be using the scoop as I am using the drops. I really wanted to see how well the drops work for me.
    The image quality is very good and it was easy to connect the tool to my phone. The cool thing is that, no matter how you rotate the tool, the image is always in the same orientation, making the tool super easy to use. I was able to see all the way down my ear canal with no issues. Sorry, I cannot speak to the use of the scoop, but I am concerned with making a false move and injuring something. IMO, try using the drops first if you can.

  2. Paul

    Got this, my sister was a little too excited to help me out! Works great. I do wish the light was a little brighter. We were both very pleased with it’s performance though and she has now purchased the same one for her family.

  3. David

    An amazing product! The camera is clear enough so that you can see perfectly and the silicon/plastic piece is comfortable and doesn’t scratch your ear. I must mention that the battery at a 100% lasts about 45 minutes, which isn’t a problem at all! I really enjoyed this product

  4. Wouter

    By FAR EXCEEDED my expectations! This is a game changer for my son with special needs who has sensory issues and makes an unusual surplus of earwax! Haven’t gotten to use on him yet! Plus we had way too much fun with the filming! Will be uploading to YouTube the good ones😂
    My 16 year old swears she can hear better now! Will never ever use a Qtip again!

  5. Kayla

    Easy to use. App is super simple and easy to connect to iPhone. Battery last about 30 minutes and charges in about 15. Great product!

  6. Matt London

    During the lockdown, I could not go to the doctor. Hence I chose to order this product. I was skeptical about usage. ears are sensitive parts and I would want them to get hurt. Hence, when I receved a product I spend almost an hour playing with it.
    After second use it built up the confidence, I could see my ear canal with high resolution on my iPhone. I could exactly figure out where wax is, without harming eardrums. I am pleased with this product.

  7. Martin Price

    This has worked very well to help keep my dd’s ears clean. The light is bright, it connects to my iPhone easily. I do recommend it.

  8. Ken M.

    Ear wax is always my nightmare. My ears were severely blocked, I could barely hear a thing. My wife always tries to help me scoop wax out but it is really difficult to see deeper inside. When I found this tool, I bought it immediately. This thing gave me a big surprise to seeing what happen inside my ears the first time since I was born and it is really helpful for cleaning my ear wax. Don’t hesitate to try it!

  9. Adam

    This is the future of ear cleaning. It is like a smart qtip.

  10. Alex

    This actually works and it’s so cool and gross all at the same time. To see inside your ear it’s neat but if you got dirty ears be prepared. I like this 100%

  11. Pook

    So cool! Works perfectly clear I also looked at my teeth which was pretty cool!!

  12. Peter

    This product actually works. You can see clearly inside your ear and all your earwax.

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